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Top Story September 23, 2016
Sorting Out Next-Gen Memory
In the data center and related environments, high-end systems are struggling to keep pace with the growing demands in data processing. There are several bottlenecks in these systems, but one segment that continues to receive an inordinate amount of attention, if not part of the blame, is the memory and storage hierarchy. SRAM, the first tier of this hierarchy ...
Semiconductor Engineering

Industry News
Backend firms seeing tight supply
IC backend houses have recently seen their supply fall short of demand as their delivery times have extended to more than two weeks, up from 4-7 days, according ...
European MEMS Summit 2016: Are MEMS Manufacturers Richer than Last Year?
After the European MEMS Summit 2016 concluded, one of the attendees asked me which presentation was my favorite presentation. I mulled it over, first declaring ...
3D InCites
Grappling With Manufacturing Data
As complexity goes up with each new process node, so does the amount of data that is generated, from initial GDSII to photomasks, manufacturing, yield and post-silicon ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Mask Maker Worries Grow
Photomasks are becoming more complex and expensive at each node, thereby creating a number of challenges on several fronts. For one thing, the features on the ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Deploying Multi-Beam Mask Writers
Elmar Platzgummer, chief executive of IMS Nanofabrication, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss the company's deal with Intel, photomasks, multi-beam ...
Semiconductor Engineering
System Plus Consulting confirms: Apple A10 processor uses TSMC’s inFO technology
System Plus Consulting announces the release in the next few weeks of a complete report on TSMC's Integrated Fan-Out (inFO) technology used for Apple's A10® processor ...
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South Korea orders battery safety measures for Samsung Note 7
South Korea said it ordered Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to take additional measures to ensure that batteries used in Galaxy Note 7 handsets are safe, as the firm ...
Zombie Moore's Law shows hardware is eating software
After being pronounced dead this past February - in Nature, no less - Moore's Law seems to be having a very weird afterlife. Within the space of the last thirty ...
The Register
MEMS and Sensors Industry Group Becomes Part of SEMI
Peter Clarke, EE Times, and I both agree - the biggest news of this year's SEMI MEMS Summit, which took place September 17-18, 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, was the ...
3D InCites
​Chipmakers find new ways to go faster
Chipmaking has never been easy. But for much of the last 50 years, the recipe was relatively straightforward: shrink the transistors at a steady pace, and use the ...
Applied Materials brings its e-beam review technology to the display industry
Applied Materials, Inc. today introduced the display industry's first high-resolution inline e-beam review (EBR) system, increasing the speed at which manufacturers ...
Chip industry still suffering from economic crunch
The chip industry is still in the doldrums and that isn't going to change anytime soon. That's the verdict of Malcolm Penn, CEO and chairman of UK semiconductor ...

Press Releases
System Plus Consulting confirms: Apple A10 processor uses TSMC's inFO technology
System Plus Consulting announces the release in the next few weeks of a complete report on TSMC's inFO technology used for Apple's A10® processor packaging. ...
Yole Développement
aveni Announces Joint Development Agreement
aveni announced it has entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with a leading semiconductor equipment supplier. The JDA will cover the development ...
Phoenix Contact's new SDC 2.5 connectors
Phoenix Contact's new SDC 2.5 connectors plug directly into the PCB via through-contacted bore holes. This eliminates the need for an additional header and the ...
Phoenix Contact USA
Leti Orders HERCULES NIL Track System from EV Group
EV Group and Leti announced that Leti has ordered a HERCULES NIL track system from EV Group. The HERCULES NIL system will be installed in Leti's cleanroom facility ...
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