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Top Story August 31, 2016
Enabling Collaboration to Address Critical ATE Challenges
For many years, the ATE industry has been challenged with controlling the cost of both production and development test by implementing innovative approaches and employing clever strategies (e.g., multi-site test implementation, DFT, etc.) to make "ends" meet, so to speak. This predicament has been a perpetual struggle, but the industry manages to soldier ...

Industry News
MCU Market Forecast to Reach Record High Revenues Through 2020
The IC industry's original system-on-chip (SoC) product category--microcontrollers--is expected to steadily reach record-high annual revenues through the second half ...
IC Insights
British tech champion ARM's sale to Japan's SoftBank wins shareholder nod
Shareholders in British technology company ARM approved its sale to Japan's SoftBank, marking the end of independence for the chip designer that powered the smartphone ...
The Surprising Story of the First Microprocessors
Transistors, the electronic amplifiers and switches found at the heart of everything from pocket radios to warehouse-size supercomputers, were invented in 1947. Early ...
IEEE Spectrum
Intel Debuts 14nm+ Processors
Intel Corp. officially announced Kaby Lake, its seventh-generation Core PC processors made in a 14nm+ process and focused on delivering better 4K video. The family ...
EE Times
IBM Taiwan expects growth potential in Taiwan, says executive
IBM Taiwan hardware business general manager Nelson Lee expects the company to still have a lot of room for growth in the Taiwan hardware market; however, instead of ...
Demand set to boom for iris- and face-recognition chips for smartphones
Demand for iris- and face- recognition chips for smartphones is expected to surge encouraging more China- and Taiwan-based fabless firms to step into the field ...

What's Intel's Strategy behind Partnering with Rival ARM?
Intel has taken many bold decisions in fiscal 2016. It resorted to restructuring and exited the Atom mobile processors business. Now it's partnering with its rival ...
Market Realist
Industry Veteran Lung Chu Named President of SEMI China
SEMI today announced the appointment of Lung Chu as president of SEMI China effective September 1, 2016. With the recent broadening ambitions for China's indigenous ...
Graphene key to growing two-dimensional semiconductor with extraordinary properties
Gallium nitride in its three-dimensional form is known to be a wide-bandgap semiconductor. Wide-bandgap semiconductors are important for high frequency ...
Science Daily
FO-WLP Packs Eye Panel Process
Over the next year, volumes for fan-out wafer level packages (FO-WLPs) will be driven by application processors, RF transceivers and switches, power management integrated ...
EE Times
28nm Was Last Node of Moore's Law
The industry is at a crossroads: some designs pursue scaling to 7nm while the majority stay on 28nm or older nodes. As we have predicted more than two years back ...
EE Times

Press Releases
Brewer Science To Showcase Revolutionary Sensors at NextFlex
Brewer Science will highlight its groundbreaking work in the flexible hybrid manufacturing sector at NextFlex Innovation Opening Day on August 31 ...
Brewer Science
Edwards Vacuum Receives Lam Research 2016 Supplier Excellence Award
Edwards Vacuum has been recognized as one of ten companies receiving a 2016 Supplier Excellence Award from Lam Research Corp., a major global supplier ...
Edwards Vacuum
Copper Laminates Made From Transparent Polyimide Films Are Now Available
Significant progress has been made over the last few years in building transparent and heat resistant flexible circuits. Several transparent ...
DKN Research
GaN Systems' Founders Girvan Patterson and John Roberts to Retire
Ten years after launching a gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor company, and leading the company to #1 in the world of GaN power transistors ...
GaN Systems
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Sep 15, 2016: SEMI European MEMS Summit 2016
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