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Top Story June 30, 2016
450mm Manufacturing in Limbo
Five years ago, the semiconductor industry was getting quite excited about what looked like the next step in its evolution. That step was to embrace manufacturing chips on 450mm diameter wafers -- and the plans called for 450mm manufacturing to be mainstream today. There were a couple of drivers for the migration, including the ability to increase ...
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Industry News
Notes from The ConFab 2016 - Day 1 of The Confab 2016
The ConFab 2016 kicked off June 13 in the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, the 12th in the series, presented by Solid State Technology, which they promote as the "Premier ...
Applied Materials Releases Selective Etch Tool
Applied Materials has disclosed commercial availability of new Selectra(TM) selective etch twin-chamber hardware for the company's high-volume manufacturing ...
Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design
TSMC's Production Capacity to Be Fully Loaded in the H2
According to Taiwan Economic Daily News, leading chip foundry, clients are lining up for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) 8-inch and 12-inch ...
Intel Renews Deal with Irish Research
Intel Corp. has renewed its research partnership with Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland, for a further three years and worth $1.5 million. Under the new ...
EE Times
Atomic Layer Etch Heats Up
The atomic layer etch (ALE) market is starting to heat up as chipmakers push to 10nm and beyond. ALE is a promising next-generation etch technology that has been ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Executive Insight: Grant Pierce
Grant Pierce, president and CEO of Sonics, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss new ways to increase energy efficiency in SoCs. What follows are ...
Semiconductor Engineering

Qualcomm aims to roll out 5G SoC solutions in 2018-2019
Qualcomm aims to roll out the world's first 5G SoC solution in 2018-2019 as 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) is expected to finalize 5G technology standards ...
IIoT Going Overboard
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) may be going off the deep end in connecting everything on the plant floor. Some machines, bearings, or conveyors simply ...
EE Times
Amkor Expands MEMS Packaging in China
Test and packaging house Amkor is ramping up its microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensor packaging line at its facility in Shanghai, China. The expansion ...
IHS Electronics360
Is the semiconductor industry entering a new phase when it comes to scaling?
It is thought that within a few years, engineers will have reached the physical limits of feature sizes that will enable them to build working CMOS Systems. In fact ...
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A Big Apple Supplier Says iPhone Maker Is A 'Little More Conservative Placing Orders This Year'
According to a report by Asia Nikkei Review, a major supplier to Apple Inc.
issued a concerning remark that shareholders should listen to. Advanced ...
ASE expects to see steady quarterly sales growth this year
Taiwan-based Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE), the world's largest integrated circuit packaging and testing services provider, said that its sales ...
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Press Releases
Amkor Technology Opens MEMS Packaging Line in China
Driven by the increase in global demand for sensors from the smartphone and automotive markets, Amkor Technology, Inc. announced it is ramping up a new MEMS ...
Amkor Technology
ALLVIA launches new product lines for Through Glass Vias (TGV) and Through Quartz Vias (TQV)
Leveraging significant presence in TSV markets ALLVIA, Inc. has expanded its capacity into glass and quartz via manufacturing to accommodate customer requests ...
Optomec to Showcase 3D Printed Electronics at iMAPS Conference
Optomec announced that the company will feature its production grade Aerosol Jet 3D Printers at the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (iMAPS) ...
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