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May 26, 2017
Samsung Unveils Scaling, Packaging Roadmaps
Samsung Foundry unveiled an aggressive roadmap that scales down to 4nm, and which includes a fan-out wafer-level packaging technology that bridges chips in the redistribution layer, 18nm FD-SOI, and a new organizational structure that allows the unit much greater autonomy as a commercial enterprise. The moves put Samsung Foundry in direct competition with Intel, GlobalFoundries ...
Semiconductor Engineering
TSMC set to move 7nm to volume production in 2018
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is set to move its 7nm process technology to volume production in 2018, an improved version of the 7nm process using ...
2017 Automotive IC Market on Pace for Record Year
Electronic systems that improve vehicle performance; that add comfort and convenience; and that warn, detect, and take corrective measures to keep drivers safe and alert ...
IC Insights
Enabling advanced ICs with multiple patterning
For decades, one of the major trends in electronics has been miniaturisation, which has helped pack in more functionality, extend battery life, and lower ...
EE Times India
Volatility in Electronic Equipment Supply Chain
SEMI's year-to-date worldwide semiconductor equipment billings year-to-date through March show a 59.6% gain to the same period last year. Understanding volatility in the ..
Verification And Validation Don't Mean The Same Thing
While often used intermixed, verification and validation are quite different procedures with different goals and different means to achieve those goals. No better ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Formal Verification's Continental Divide
The different ways formal verification is deployed across the world. Formal verification is picking up steam with engineering groups worldwide doing complex ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Chip Design Takes on Functional Safety
To design chips meeting Functional Safety requirements is no cakewalk. What designers need is an automated end-to-end flow to take the guesswork out of Functional Safety ...
EE Times
Big Data Reshapes Silicon
The huge data sets collected by web giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are fueling a renaissance of new chips to process them. Two of the latest efforts will ...
EE Times
Samsung Targets 4nm in 2020
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. updated its foundry technology roadmap, including detailing its second-generation FD-SOI platform, several bulk silicon FinFET processes ...
EE Times
Samsung Says It's Serious About Foundry, Creates Business Unit
Samsung Electronics Co. is increasing its effort in semiconductor outsourcing, separating the company's foundry business into a new unit as part of a challenge ...
Press Releases
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2017 Billings
North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $2.17 billion in billings worldwide in April 2017 (three-month average basis), according to April ...
SMTA, iNEMI, MEPTEC Seek Presenters for 2018 Medical Electronics Symposium
The 2017 Medical Electronics Symposium will be held at University of Texas at Dallas, on May 16-17, 2018. SMTA, iNEMI, and MEPTEC have again joined forces to host the Int'l Symposium ...
Indium's Mackie to Present at IMAPS ATW on Advances in Semiconductor Packaging
Indium Corporation's Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, Senior Product Manager for Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials, will present at the IMAPS Advanced ...
Indium Corporation
StratEdge Expands CMC Base Laminate Packages on display at IMS
StratEdge Corporation announces the expansion of its LL family of high-power laminate copper-moly-copper (CMC) base packages to include both gallium nitride (GaN) ...
StratEdge Corporation
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