Industry Press
EV Experts to Share Technical Insights in Automotive Electronics Webinar
Indium Corporation
Package Converter Technology allows use of SMT devices on through hole PCB
Ironwood Electronics
STMicroelectronics updates NanoEdge AI Studio
CyberOptics to Launch Next-Gen Auto Teaching Systems during SEMICON West
CyberOptics® Corporation
TANAKA Establishes New Ruthenium Film Deposition Process
TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.
STMicroelectronics delivers in non-volatile memory with Serial Page EEPROM
Wise-integration Launches Most-Compact Gallium Nitride Half-Bridge Power IC
The design of the NoC is key to the success of large, high-performance compute SoCs
What Year Was It?
Workers Assemble First Corvette
What Year
Workers at a Chevrolet plant in Flint, Michigan, assemble the first Corvette, a two seater sports car that would become an American icon.
The day was Jun 28. What year was it?
June 28, 2022
Lack of "Chips to Make Chips" is Exacerbating the Shortage
For a brief moment between the end of last year and the beginning of this year, it felt like the worst was over with the global chip shortage. After all, with all the global chip shortage. After all, with all the facility expansions and ramping up of production, the supply and demand would inevitably balance out. But then geopolitical tensions broke out, a new Covid variant came, causing another wave ...
Techwire Asia
Activity at ASE, Amkor, Yole Développement and Adeia (Xperi)
Let's continue our look at the key presentations at IMAPS DPC 2022 from ASE, Amkor, Yole Développement and Adeia. Lihong Cao discussed ASE's "Enhanced Fanout ...
The Journey to Full-Scale Semiconductor Packaging Manufacturing
The challenges faced from package design and prototyping, through process development and process optimization are presented to ensure the device can indeed be ...
Technical Paper
Semiconductor cycle shows signs of peaking
Demand for semiconductors and the equipment used in their production has been sky high in recent years, an up-and-up trend industry forecasters expect to continue for ...
Asia Times
GlobalWafers to invest US$5 billion in new Texas plant
Taiwan-based GlobalWafers Co., the third-largest silicon wafer supplier in the world, on Monday announced plans to open a US$5 billion 12-inch wafer plant in the U.S. state ...
Focus Taiwan
Training a 20–Billion Parameter AI Model on a Single Processor
Cerebras has shown off the capabilities of its second–generation wafer–scale engine, announcing it has set the record for the largest AI model ever trained on a single ...
EE Times
Chinese firm aiming to break US dominance in chip design software gets IPO approval at home
Chinese electronic design automation (EDA) software firm Empyrean Technology, one of China's best hopes in reducing reliance on imported chip design tools, has ...
South China Morning Post
SEA roundup: Malaysia seeks more investment from semiconductor players
Tech startups are reportedly laying off workers as global economic uncertainties loom. Meanwhile Malaysia is seeking more investment to upgrade its semiconductor ...
Who Does Processor Validation?
Defining what a processor is, and what it is supposed to do, is not always as easy as it sounds. In fact, companies are struggling with the implications of hundreds ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Chipmakers focus on heat dissipation in manufacturing process upgrades
High heat dissipation and other thermal management technologies are increasingly required for both front- and back-end chipmaking processes by companies engaged in ...
Quantum Error Correction: Time to Make it Work
Dates chiseled into an ancient tombstone have more in common with the data in your phone or laptop than you may realize. They both involve conventional, classical ...
IEEE Spectrum
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Which two elements do you combine to produce brass: zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt?
Answer: Zinc and copper. The proportions of zinc and copper can vary to create different types of brass alloys with varying mechanical and electrical properties.