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Brewer Science Earns GreenCircle Certification for Zero Waste to Landfill for Eighth Year
Brewer Science, Inc.
How will Wolfspeed's expansion into Europe impact the region's stronghold in SiC devices?
Yole Développement
First AI-enhanced smart accelerometers from STMicroelectronics raise performance and efficiency
Agile Analog joins Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance Program to drive forward semiconductor design innovation
Agile Analog
Global Fab Equipment Spending on Track for 2024 Recovery After 2023 Slowdown
Veeco Releases New Sustainability Report
Veeco Instruments Inc.
Aehr Test Systems to Announce Third Quarter Fiscal 2023 Financial Results
Aehr Test Systems
STMicroelectronics' 100W and 65W VIPerGaN converters save space and raise efficiency
What Year Was It?
FDA Approves Viagra
What Year
The Food and Drug Administration approves use of the drug Viagra, an oral medication that treats impotence.
The day was Mar 27. What year was it?
March 27, 2023
True 3D Is Much Tougher Than 2.5D
Creating real 3D designs is proving to be much more complex and difficult than 2.5D, requiring significant innovation in both technology and tools. While there has been much discussion about 3D designs, there are multiple interpretations about what 3D entails. This is more than just semantics, however, because each packaging option requires different design approaches and technologies. And as chips ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Nvidia Speeds Key Chipmaking Computation by 40x
Nvidia says it has found a way to speed up a computation-limited step in the chipmaking process so that it happens 40 times as fast as today's standard. Called inverse ...
IEEE Spectrum
Atmospheric Oxygen-only Plasma for Decapsulation of Advanced Packages
Work presented in this paper demonstrates how artifact-free Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation enables true root cause failure analysis of packaged ICs.
Technical Paper
EU Chips Act: Realizing Europe's Ambition by 2030: Part 1
Over 200 delegates gathered in Vienna for the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe at a time of contrasting expectations for the region's semiconductor industry. ...
Tech war: US-blacklisted YMTC, China's top memory chip maker, sees improved global market demand in 2023 as push for innovation continues
China's top memory chip maker Yangtze Memory Technologies Co (YMTC), which was added to the US trade blacklist last December, is seeing improved global demand ...
South China Morning Post
Talent shortage top issue facing Taiwan chipmaking industry
Taiwan's semiconductor industry faces multiple challenges, from the need to conduct further research into forward-looking technologies to a shortage of talent, an industry ...
Focus Taiwan
Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, prophet of the rise of the PC, dies at 94
Intel Corp co-founder Gordon Moore, a pioneer in the semiconductor industry whose "Moore's Law" predicted a steady rise in computing power for decades, died Friday at ...
Tech war: proposed US 'guardrails' on new chip investment in China to block TSMC, Samsung expansion plans on mainland
Some of the world's leading chip makers, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics, will be hamstrung from expanding ...
South China Morning Post
Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test
TEL announced plans to build a ¥2.2 billion ($168.2 million) production and logistics center at its Tohoku Office to increase capacity. Construction of the 57,000m² facility, ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Taiwan foundries see surge in orders transferred from China
The US' escalation of the chip war with China has prompted more companies to shift their orders to Taiwan-based pure-play foundries. However, contract prices provided by ...
Progress in Sustainability: Will it be Enough?
Progress in Sustainability has become one of SEMI's key focus points in supporting its members. It was initiated with a series of keynotes at SEMICON West in 2019, ...
Inside Taiwan's 'Sacred Mountain' of Chip-Making
If you're reading this, you can thank a semiconductor. Phones, tablets, computers—really any device more digital than pen and paper—all depend on the tiny chips inside ...
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Mar 27, 2023
Intro to semiconductor design and fabrication webinar for American attendees
PTI International
Mar 30, 2023
Optimizing Reflowed Solder TIM (sTIMs) Processes for Emerging Heterogeneous Integrated Packages
Indium Corporation
Apr 3, 2023
Overview of semiconductor manufacturing webinar for American attendees
PTI International
Apr 18, 2023
3D & Systems Summit
Apr 23, 2023
Overview of semiconductor manufacturing Webinar for American Attendees
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How heavy was the Wright Flier (empty), the Wright Brothers airplane that became the first successful, powered, piloted airplane in history? 405, 505, or 605 pounds.
Answer: 605 pounds