Industry Press
2021 Resist revenues to grow 6% to $2.0B and to $2.4B by 2025
RISC-V Functional Safety Processor IP Core
The Fraunhofer Institute
ZEISS Innovation Hub in Dresden Opens Its Doors
Katja Tavernaro becomes member of Executive Board and Chief Sustainability Officer
Meyer Burger Group
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES) Joins Silicon Saxony High-Tech Network
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
Semiconductor revenues rose 0.5% QoQ to $131.1bn in 1Q21 according to Omdia
AQS, Inc. Selects DAGE Assure Intelligent X-ray Component Counter for Mass Production
Nordson X-ray
30 GHz Bandwidth Socket for 0.65mm pitch BGA266
Ironwood Electronics
What Year Was It?
First American Woman in Space
What Year
The space shuttle Challenger is launched into space. Aboard is Dr. Sally Ride, who became the first American woman to travel into space.
The day was Jun 18. What year was it?
June 18, 2021
Fan-Out Packaging Options Grow
Chipmakers, OSATs and R&D organizations are developing the next wave of fan-out packages for a range of applications, but sorting out the new options and finding the right solution is proving to be a challenge. Fan-out is a way to assemble one or more dies in an advanced package, enabling chips with better performance and more I/Os for applications like computing, IoT, networking ...
Semiconductor Engineering
IC Insights Raises Its 2021 Worldwide IC Market Forecast to +24%
In this month's June Update to The McClean Report, IC Insights presented its latest forecasts for the 2021 through 2025 IC market segmented by 33 major product ...
IC Insights
Silver Epoxy Turns Black after Oxygen Plasma but so what?
Resin bleed out is common and O2 plasma cleans it up, however it turns the silver epoxy black. This paper explains why and how it can help reduce wirebond rework.
Technical Paper
U.S. senators propose 25% tax credit for semiconductor manufacturing
A bipartisan group of U.S. senators proposed a 25% tax credit for investments in semiconductor manufacturing as Congress works to increase U.S. chip production. ...
Xi picks top lieutenant to lead chip battle versus US
Chinese President Xi Jinping is renewing his years-long push to achieve technology self-sufficiency by tapping a top deputy to shepherd a key initiative aimed at helping ...
Taipei Times
Xi Jinping taps top lieutenant to lead third-generation chip development in battle against US sanctions
Chinese President Xi Jinping is renewing his years-long push to achieve technology self-sufficiency by tapping a top deputy to shepherd a key initiative aimed at ...
South China Morning Post
Finding, Predicting EUV Stochastic Defects
Several vendors are rolling out next-generation inspection systems and software that locates problematic defects in chips caused by processes in extreme ultraviolet ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Using Virtual Process Libraries To Improve Semiconductor Manufacturing
People think that semiconductor process simulation libraries should be developed using a perfect theoretical background that is strongly supported by empirical ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Greenfield Projects Needed To Meet Silicon Wafer Demand
After logging record shipments in the first quarter of 2021, the silicon wafer industry may need to start greenfield projects as soon as this year to boost capacity ...
Semiconductor Engineering
U.S. Takes First Steps Toward Resilient Supply Chains
The marathon race that is the rebuilding of American technology supply chains has commenced, with cautious optimism that initial efforts will eventually yield ...
EE Times
Intel CEO sees '10 good years' of chip industry growth
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that he expects 10 "good years" of growth in the semiconductor industry during a panel at CNBC's Evolve conference. "We believe the market, ...
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