Industry Press
UTAC's Cu Clip Shipments Surpass 1 Billion Units
UTAC Group
RF front-end module industry: What are the technical choices made by Apple?
Yole Développement
With Smart MechatroniX, Bosch Rexroth offers new solutions for the Factory of the Future
Bosch Rexroth
Meyer Burger commissions Jung von Matt with new brand and product positioning
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd
Clamshell Lid Spring Pin Socket for TI's VQFN
Ironwood Electronics
Amtech Subsidiary BTU Adds Selective Soldering to Product Line with Hentec Agreement
ZEISS Quantum Challenge Winners Honored
ZESTRON Academy to Host FREE 'Why Cleaning is Critical ...' Webinar
What Year Was It?
February Revolution Begins
What Year
In Russia, the February Revolution (known as such because of Russia's use of the Julian calendar) begins when riots and strikes over the scarcity of food erupt in Petrograd.
The day was Mar 8. What year was it?
March 8, 2021
China to Apportion More Funds to Chips, AI and 5G
China pledged to boost spending and drive research into cutting-edge chips and artificial intelligence (AI) in its latest five-year targets, laying out a technological blueprint to vie for global influence with the US. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang singled out key areas in which to achieve "major breakthroughs in core technologies," including high-end semiconductors, operating systems, computer ...
Taipei Times
TSMC says 9,000 people need to be hired this year
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co unveiled a plan to hire 9,000 people this year in the latest round of recruitment as the chipmaker races to boost ...
Taipei Times
Halogen-free Microwave Induced Plasma Decapsulation of System in Package Modules
For successful SiP root cause Failure Analysis, Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation exposes & preserves complex structures such as stacked-die, BOAC ...
Technical Paper
Samsung's 3-nm Tech Shows Nanosheet Transistor Advantage
The logic chip industry is heading toward a fundamental change in the structure of transistors. Today's transistors, called FinFETs, will give way to devices variously ...
IEEE Spectrum
The Future According to Arm
Although Arm may have had the idea of a survey under other circumstances, the Covid-19 pandemic was central to the responses if not the concept itself. Arm recently ...
EE Times
Broadcom's Hock Tan says demand is 'real' as semiconductor orders flood in
Broadcom Inc CEO Hock Tan said that customers are beefing up semiconductor orders at an unprecedented pace and tried to quell concern that this might create a glut ...
Taipei Times
Over-The-Air Automotive Updates
Modern vehicles are increasingly-connected devices with growing volumes of electronic systems. This systemic complexity means that even an average vehicle ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Challenges Of Using The Cloud For IC Design
The 'cloud' is so ubiquitous that perhaps even your grandmother has heard about it. There are advertisements on TV with various vendors touting their cloud offerings. ...
Semiconductor Engineering
ASML extends supply deal with China's SMIC
Dutch chipmaking equipment manufacturer ASML Holding N.V..has extended its deal with China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) until the ...
Taiwan News
Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test
The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) this week submitted its final report to Congress and the President. The goal is to develop a national ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Optical Antennas Promise 'Unlimited' Data Capacity
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have outlined details of an optical antenna they claim could provide almost limitless bandwidth. They suggest ...
EE Times
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What do you call the maximum time period that an adhesive can be exposed to ambient conditions with its chemical and physical properties remaining within satisfactory limits?
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