Industry Press
Boston Semi Equipment Announces Multiple Orders for Sensor Device Testing Equipment
Boston Semi Equipment
SEMICON West Makes Two Big Moves — Shifts to October in 2024, Begins Annual Rotation With Phoenix in 2025
Brewer Science Presents Optics Integration Solutions at SPIE Photonics West
Brewer Science, Inc.
CEA-Leti Will Highlight Progress on Key Augmented Reality
Heraeus Electronics to Provide Latest Materials Portfolio at NEPCON Japan 2023
Heraeus Electronics
SEMI ISS Europe 2023 to Spotlight European Chips Act, Semiconductor Supply Chain Resilience and Growth
SkyWater Offers new rad-hard tech from VORAGO
SkyWater Technology
Call for Abstracts...Sensors Converge Precon...Printed/E-Fabric Sesnors
Sensors Converge
What Year Was It?
National Geographic Society Founded
What Year
The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C., for "the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge."
The day was Jan 27. What year was it?
January 27, 2023
What Does 2023 Have In Store For Chip Design?
Predictions seem to be easier to make during times of stability, but they are no more correct than at any other period. During more turbulent times, fewer people are are courageous enough to allow their opinions to be heard. And yet it is often those views that are more well thought through, and even if they turn out not to be true, they often contain some very enlightening ideas. 2022 saw some ...
Semiconductor Engineering
VIEWPOINT 2023: Mohan Iyer, Vice President and General Manager of Semiconductor, Thermo Fisher
Over the last year, the semiconductor industry has seen challenges and opportunities with continued chip shortages, increased consumer demand, economic and geopolitical shifts, government investments and more. In response, semiconductor manufacturers across the world are formulating strategies to meet ...
Thermo Fisher
Effects of Long-Term Storage on Mechanical and Electrical Integrity
This white paper examines the effects on mechanical integrity and electrical performance of semiconductor components stored for up to 17 years to enable long lifecycle ...
Technical Paper
Intel's horrible quarter revealed an inventory glut and underused factories
Intel's December earnings showed significant declines in the company's sales, profit, gross margin, and outlook, both for the quarter and the full year. Investors hated it ...
CEO says US chip ban won’t hurt ASML China revenue
Despite Western media reports that the Netherlands would follow the US guidelines on technology exports to China, ASML's chief executive Peter Wennink said that the ...
Asia Times
UK to subsidize domestic chip sector
The British government plans to provide direct taxpayer funding to support the semiconductor industry as part of a strategy for a sector that has become a lightning rod in ...
Taipei Times
Semiconductors and EVs will buck against the slump in 2023 after funding halved for China's tech start-ups last year
Funding for China's technology and internet start-ups halved last year amid pandemic controls and regulatory uncertainty, but the new energy and semiconductor industries ...
South China Morning Post
High time India's Semiconductor Mission got a reboot
On December 15, 2021 when the Narendra Modi-lead Union Cabinet approved incentive schemes for display fabs, semiconductor fabs, chip packaging, and design ...
Deccan Herald
A New Year's Wish
Every year I run a predictions article. It is a mashup of ideas from many people within the industry, and while many predictions are somewhat self-serving, there are ...
Semiconductor Engineering
MIT grows 2D crystals on existing silicon to make new semiconductors and catch up to Moore's law
Get out of the way silicon, you're not our top transistor anymore. We've had enough of your inability to maintain electrical properties at tiny scales. That's right, we're ...
PC Gamer
Power Issues Causing More Respins At 7nm And Below
Power consumption has been a major design consideration for some time, but it is far from being a solved issue. In fact, an increasing number of designs have a plethora ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Dutch lithography gear giant ASML expects steady China sales in 2023 despite US pressure on export curbs
ASML Holding's exports to mainland China is likely to hold at last year's level in 2023 despite ongoing US-Dutch government talks over new restrictions on the company's ...
South China Morning Post
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iNEMI/NIST 5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology Roadmap Workshop
Feb 9, 2023
Overview of semiconductor manufacturing webinar for Asian Attendees
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